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Egress Studio Press is the publishing imprint of Egress Studio, a graphic design and illustration company in Bellingham, Washington. Egress Studio Press is managed by two poets, Anita K. Boyle and James Bertolino, who are professionals with many years experience in publishing, book design, and manuscript editing. Since 2000, Egress Studio Press has been dedicated to publishing books only by Washington State poets.

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Egress Studio Press Circa 2012
—Publisher of Pacific Northwest Poetry—
Purveyor of Poetry Books, Broadsides, Specialty Greeting Cards, and Original Arts


About the Collection of Broadsides, Rare Books and Magazines

If you know James Bertolino, one of the first things that amazes you is his knowledge of contemporary poetry and small literary presses. He has been engaged in the literary community for over forty years! He knows details about poets and publishing that would surprise almost anyone. The rare and out-of-print poetry books and magazines on this site come from his personal collection, including early editions of small press poetry magazines and fine art quality letterpress broadsides and books. If you are looking for a rare poetry book or classic literary magazine, send us an email, and we'll check the collection.

About Egress Studio Press Greeting and Art Cards

When you purchase greeting cards from Egress Studio Press, you're choosing unique images that you won't find just anywhere. This site is almost the only place you can browse through reproductions of Anita K. Boyle's original watercolors, drawings, prints, and photographs of the Pacific Northwest, as well as cards especially for poetry lovers. We've organized the wide variety of cards to choose from so you can shop efficiently. Just take a look at the drop-down menu near the top of the column to the left. Occasionally, we'll have some cards in gift shops or when we participate as a vendor in a local arts festival.


About Egress Studio Press Publishing

Egress Studio Press publishes the poetry of Washington State poets. Each new book will be published in three versions: a limited hard cover art edition (8-12 copies) with original prints by Anita K. Boyle; a limited hand-assembled, soft cover edition (75 copies); and an electronic poetry book, which will include an audio recording of the poems. 

Upon publication, an author will receive one limited edition, hard cover art book; two hand-assembled soft cover books; and an electronic-book file.

Poetry Submission Guidelines: Please send up to 24 pages of your poems in a pdf file to Egress Studio Press at [email protected]. There is a $20 reading fee, which can be paid through PayPal, or through snail mail (see below). Response times vary, but expect to hear from the publisher within six months. Please remember, Egress Studio Press publishes poets who reside in Washington State.

Reading fees can be mailed to Egress Studio Press, 5581 Noon Road, Bellingham WA 98226 or directly through Paypal...

About Egress Studio Press

Egress Studio Press is the publishing imprint of Egress Studio, a graphic design and illustration company in Bellingham, Washington. Egress Studio Press is managed by two poets, Anita K. Boyle and James Bertolino, who are professionals with many years experience in publishing, book design, and manuscript editing. Since 2000, Egress Studio Press has been dedicated to publishing books only by Washington State poets.

We’re very proud of our poets, and choose them for the quality of their work and their endeavors to foster unity and inspiration in the literary community. Each poet and their book will be described in detail on this website. Check the drop down menu to the left titled "Poetry Books" for current authors.

We currently publish only limited edition, handmade books, which are complemented with an electronic edition. All publications are produced completely inside Egress Studio. Our books have been noted for their beauty, as well as their content. In order to honor the poets we choose to publish, we strive to create books with simple, elegant design; artwork that complements the poems, and aim for an appearance that gives readers the desire to reach out and take the book off the shelf.



What Rain Does 
by Ann Spiers


Ann Spiers' What Rain Does is a collection of poems that comprise several kinds of love, from romantic to old friends to the youngest of babies and more. These wonderful poems feature the essense of such love, alongside a strong sense of place that embraces each one, as true love will.

The pages of this chapbook were hand-folded, sewn, trimmed, and the cover scored and folded lovingly by the poets Anita K. Boyle and James Bertolino. Boyle designed the book, and illustrated the cover. The outer grey-blue cover stock wraps around a mossy green interior cover to create a book with a square spine. Perfect for shelving with your favorite volumes. The pages seem wet and green, a perfect complement to a Pacific Northwest poet's book.



Glacier Motel,
      gutters flush with rain.
I wipe steam from the windows, 
and you fiddle with the wood stove 
      sputtering as wind reverses itself
      like a liar found out.

rising water erases 
the pond’s edge, flooding
      silver over the fields
      silencing reed talk
      and our talk.

We hike up trail
      into the dry side’s sun.
Among blueberry fermenting
      in autumn’s last heat, 
kestrels walk, sated.

On the way back, 
we are more at ease.
Grasshoppers descend,
      males riding females, 
scattering down the skree.
At the trail’s muddy edge—
      cougar tracks.

 —Ann Spiers



About Ann Spiers

Ann Spiers lives on Vashon Island, a ferry ride across Puget Sound from Seattle. She is the present Vashon Poet Laureate. For the Vashon Poetry Fest 2011, she curated a gallery show called Broadsides: Poems on Paper, featuring more than 40 Northwest poetry broadsides, work including calligraphy, letter press, and new media. She is keeper of Vashon’s Poetry Post (modeled after Jim Bodeen’s Yakima Poetry Pole), a place in Vashon Town where folks post and read poems.

Her poems draw content from her environmental work. She is the Vashon Audubon program chair and worked as steward for the Vashon Land Trust’s properties. She has volcanic fire in her heart and sea salt in her blood. As field assistant on the Cascade volcanoes, she became intimate with Mt. Rainier and pre- and post-eruptive Mt. St. Helens. She hiked the beach from the Columbia River to Cape Flattery, does surveys of salt-water shorelines for dead birds, joins in the annual litter pickup on the Pacific coast, and chases grey whales from Scammon’s Lagoon off Baja to her grandfather’s former whaling ground off Washington State. She can sing clams out of their holes and pop oysters from their shells.

Ann leads creative writing seminars in many venues. She graduated from the University of Washington with a Masters in Creative Writing and Literature.

Ann Spiers

Book Blurbs —

Ann Spiers’ poems take us on a roadtrip from motel to mountain, from “abed without a lover” to asking for “a second kiss.” We travel with the poet into new landscapes where poems celebrate nature, place, and relationships. Spiers’ poetry creates the perfect postcards to read again and again. She reminds us of all the things we should stop and notice—each of her poems: a souvenir, a memento, “the road to the gold mine” we should all take.

—Kelli Russell Agodon 
author of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room 
White Pine Press Poetry Prize, 2010

A poet of unusual depth and lyric power, Ann Spiers can inhabit lives far removed from her own and move from the particular to the universal with the deftness and grace of a winter wren.

—Tim McNulty
author of Some Ducks 
Pleasure Boat Studio, 2009


Other Publications by Ann Spiers:


A Wild Taste
May Day Press, 2011

Long Climb into Grace
FootHills Publishing: “Poets on Peace Series,” 2007

Volcano Blue
May Day Press, 1999

Tide Turn
May Day Press, 1996

The Herodotus Poems
Brooding Heron Press, 1989



Egress Studio Press

—Publisher of Washington State Poets—
Handmade, limited-edition Books:

Fishing a Familiar Pond by Sheila Sondik
Pulitzer Re-Mix poems from The Yearling published in 2013



The Drenched by Anita K. Boyle

A copy of the wood engraving below graces the cover of The Drenched: A Creation Myth for the Pacific Northwest, by Anita K. Boyle (me). The poem is written in seven parts, and is illustrated throughout with my drawings. Eight hard cover books were published in February 2014, and that edition has since sold out. In addition, I'm publishing another limited edition of 75. Each of the books in this second publication has a square-spine, soft covers, and is folded, trimmed, sewn, and assembled inside Egress Studio by Anita K. Boyle (still me). I plan to follow up the physical book publications with an electronic book that will have all of the illustrations and poems in the original physical book, as well as the voice of the poet reading the poems. So please stay tuned.


An aside:  I attended an Egress Studio Press poetry reading in 2015 at Village Books in Bellingham as part of a celebration of National poetry week. The reading featured poetry from James Bertolino (”Pocket Animals”); Ann Spiers (”What Rain Does”); Richard Widerkehr (”Her Story of Fire”); Sheila Sondik (”Fishing a Familiar Pond”); Susan J. Erickson (”The Art of Departure”); and Anita K. Boyle (”The Drenched: A Creation Myth for the Pacific Northwest”). It was a memorable event as Works by the local and regional poets explored themes of family and place, the environment in which we dwell, and the depths of mental illness.

Bellingham is a coastal city in Washington State, near the Canadian border. For those of us who have lived here for years the surrounding Whatcom County is our playground with its abundance of nature, outdoor adventure and sweeping scenery from the Salish Sea to Mt. Baker and North Cascades National Park. Year-round hiking is plentiful in the Bellingham region. When you combine the tails in the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, Chuckanut Mountains, North Cascades National Park and general hikes in Whatcom County, Bellingham has more than 100 miles of trials to explore. I can’t say I have hiked all of them, but I, along with my various North Face down jackets have traveled most. Ranging from windbreakers and rain jackets to down jackets, NorthFace has been my company of choice for clothing and equipment. The North Face was built on a love for the outdoors and the desire to enable all types of exploration. In addition their philosophy towards our planet is right on. Their pledge : • Empower exploration and the thrill of the unknown for as many people as possible. • Protect the places where we live, play, and operate. • Evolve the way we make our products by improving our environmental performance and social responsibility in the supply chain, plus the quality of their products make them my type of company.

I have memorized many passages of The Drenched: A Creation Myth for the Pacific Northwest. They come unbdiden to me as I am hiking the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest or gazing out over the peaks of the North Cascades National Park. Thank you, Anita Boyle. Yo have enriched many peoples' lives.


Her Story of Fire 
by Richard Widerkehr


Her Story of Fire 
Part 8 

A thin box whose wires
the wind strays over …
At night, at work,
I sit in a waiting room,

listening to a stranger 
muttering, Death, death—
he’s unsure 
he wants to be admitted.

We sign and counter-sign
the Voluntary form,
and then 
we climb the stairs.

When I knew you, Chloe,
we were unformed.
You were a leaf, sunlit,
the quick air that plays over fire,

surviving as music, or memory,
which the wind gives back. 
My ribs, your wrists,
this wind, that lyre.

—Richard Widerkehr


About Richard Widerkehr

Richard Widerkehr won two Hopwood Awards for poetry at the University of Michigan, where he earned his B.A. in English. He received his M.A. from Columbia University, which he attended on a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. He won first prize for a short story at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and three awards in The Bridge’s annual poetry contests.

Plain View Press published The Way Home (2011), a book-length collection of poems. Pudding House Publications published his chapbook of poems, Mountain (2007) and Radiolarian Press published his chapbook, Disappearances (1996 and 2003). Tarragon Books published his novel about a geologist: Sedimental Journey (2004). His poems and stories have appeared in Chariton Review, Pontoon, Passages North, Northwest Poets and Artists Calendar, Crab Creek Review, Writers’ Forum, and Salt River Review.

Widerkehr lives in Washington State, where he has been a teacher in the Upward Bound Program, a case manager at a mental health clinic, and a counselor on the mental health unit of a hospital.

Other Books by
Richard Widerkehr:

The Way Home 
Plain View Press, 2011

Pudding House Publications, 2007

Radiolarian Press, 1996, 2003

Sedimental Journey
Tarragon Books, 2004



The poetry you'll read in Her Story of Fire is an artwork that evokes a family where one member’s mental disorder continually tears at the fabric of relationships. Poet Richard Widerkehr describes how a family will continually undertake the task of rebuilding a life gone ragged—through steady determination and staunch loyalty—despite the apparent lack of gratitude or acceptance. The poems go beyond the truth and into the soul; the redemptive moments sizzle and spark. This is an important book.

The pages of this book were hand-folded, sewn, trimmed, and the cover scored and folded lovingly by the poets Anita K. Boyle and James Bertolino. Boyle designed the book, and illustrated the cover. The outer deep red cover stock wraps around a dark gray interior cover to create a mood for this square-spined book. You'll be reading the poems off somber, blue butcher paper. You may decide to keep this collection shelved among your special volumes.

Richard Widerkehr

Book Blurbs —

In Richard Widerkehr’s collection of elegies, Her Story of Fire, the poems are carved, concise, incantatory and contemporary. They remind us that all loss is ancient no matter how immediate, that every love and burden is shared. I was very moved by this book as I believe all readers of it must be.

— Erin Belieu 
author of Black Box and Infanta
Artistic Director, Port Townsend Writers Conference

… I’ll squeeze the needled
sunlight in my fist and walk through
her stampeding clouds, her avalanche of sighs …
(from “Where the Voices Took Her” —R. Widerkehr)

Richard Widerkehr’s struggle to reach and to know his sister touches on the experiences of all families who live with similar issues. He gives us poems of penetrating beauty that both pierce and open the heart. These poems offer an unflinching view of the pain and longing one feels when loving someone who has retreated to an inaccessible inner world. With subtlety, humor, and poignancy, Widerkehr helps us enter that world and perhaps even understand some of it.

—Rena Ziegler, MSW

Richard Widerkehr’s collection of poems, Her Story of Fire, is a powerful testament to family love and heartbreak. Without sentiment, and yet with great tenderness and reverence, Widerkehr evokes the tightrope of pain people walk while watching someone they love disappear into a world of obsessions and voices:

When I knew you, Chloe,
we were unformed.
You were a leaf, sunlit,
the quick air that plays over fire…

But Widerkehr’s witness, both lyrical and raw, never stops searching. Like Chloe, the woman in the poems, he speaks in many voices, detailing the truth of his pain and her terror with exquisite craft and love. This is a stunning book, both raw and luminous.

—Gayle Kaune
author of All the Birds Awake and 
Still Life in the Physical World